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Financial Professionals Coalition, Ltd.

The start of a new era in industry synergy.

We are working to build the number one go-to resource for all things that may help provide help with


The Financial Professionals Coalition, Ltd. was founded as a diverse resource for over 1.2 million registered representatives, associated persons, traders, bankers, back-office staff, and owners of broker-dealers and registered investment advisors. The Coalition provides courtesy consultations with industry experts. Membership is free.


Looking to expand? Want to become SEC registered?

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Pressing Issues

Need an ear to listen to a personal, industry issue?

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Game Rules

Confused by the rules? Let us guide you!

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Registered Reps

Need help finding licensing training for RRs?

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Access To Resources

We will offer easy ways to get help, or at the very least, access to a vetted professional that cares about your issues and will not only hear you, but listen as well. We will serve:

  • Registered Representatives
  • Investment advisers
  • Broker/Dealers
  • Registered Investment Advisories
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Traders
  • Family Offices
  • Female Owned/Operated Firms
  • Minority Owned/Operated Firms
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Disabled Vet Owned-Operated Firms
  • Military Community
  • Dealmaking
  • Banking
  • Compliance
  • Crypto
  • Blockchain
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Age Discrimination
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Web Design & Marketing
  • Veteran Owned-Operated Firms

Our mission is to help financial professionals

Our Clearinghouse of Resources.

Together, we will figure out the questions to ask and where to go to get the answers.

Join our Member mailing list

Your inclusion in our mailing list is confidential and encrypted. We will respect your privacy unless you tell us otherwise.

Joining as a Member, allows us to update you on the progress of the Coalition's development, including additional resources, ahead of publication. It will keep you informed of the issues on which we are currently working and any things we hear around the water cooler.


Contacting us will help identify the most pressing issues and enable the Financial Professional Coalition to address them with credibility and strength, on behalf of our entire community.

Contact Us

Members will have access to listing and contact information for the Financial Professionals Coalition division(s) specialized to help refer them to the correct area that best serves them. If, as a member, you don't see a division that focuses on your issue, we will encourage you to let us know and we will find a resource and create a division to deal with your concerns.

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As a member, access to a toolbox of Financial Industry specific resources to help you get through the day, is only a quick email away.

Most important, as our membership numbers grow, our voice will have more impact, at many levels, and help shape a regulatory environment in which we can all exist without the fear of retribution that constantly hangs over our heads.

Featured Members

A growing list of highly qualified professionals, learning of the Financial Professionals Coalition, Ltd. and realizing the need, have volunteered to join the Coalition as a resource available to the 1.2 million professional who provide investment services and who keep our markets moving.

Contact Us

The Financial Professionals Coalition is here for all of us. It is born out of frustration with the over-regulated environment in which we work.

Please utilize the following contact form for general inquiries about our services, or to seek help with a specific matter. Become a Member, Click Here .

Information sent to us via this form is completely confidential and will not be disclosed, sold, or shared with third-parties. If your inquiry is related to being connected with an FPC divisional professional or resource, to help with a particular matter, then some or all of your information will be directly transferred to them in order to make the referral, but only once that has been established and agreed upon.

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